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Saturday, 21 July 2012


Warm welcome to you all,


You will find my blog is not like most others, I tend to find runners that you wouldn't even think of backing and some that are just stand outs from the crowd

Maximum meetings that I cover is Four, I do favor the National Hunt over flat, however give me a Big H'cap on the flat any day, it's very easy to get around my blog by using the images on the right brief explanation and who's involved below  


This is where you will find my selections from the chosen cards which i have reduced to 4 picks per meeting from these picks you will find that i place them in multiple bets Lucky15's and the two explained below 


35 Trebles this is a new bet which was brought to my attention which has Great potential,  where I attempt to select 7 runners from my Tips and place in the bet which I have named The Magnificent 7 now all that's required is to bag 3 winners from the seven selections as this seal a return Good Luck!


This is a crazy idea I had to make enough money to get a book written about a poor punter who became filthy rich in one week, each day I will play a £1 roll up bet where any returns go on to the next tip if lose we top up with another £1 total cost could be £7 on the week the good thing about this wager is you can stop when your Bottle's Gone! 
BIGGEST! WIN TO DATE FROM a starting pot of  £1 IS £767.00


 If you would like a link added on my Blog please send me your web address and title you would like to go with it, I will get it added send to @Thegambolar 

Best of luck with all your bets